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“…my arthritic pain was unbearable…”

I’m Giova B. Jamison from Caloocan City, I have been suffering from arthritis ever since high school until I got married and had my four children. To relieve me of the pain, I had to take pain killers or apply liniment ointment. On September 2004, I was admitted at Perlas Hospital due to high cholesterol, high blood sugar and uric acid. After my hospitalization, I continued to visit the Philippine General Hospital weekly until I got fed-up because my condition did not improve. On February 2005, when my son was admitted at a Family Clinic Hospital, I met a Dynapharm distributor who shared the health benefits of Chlorophyll with guarana. After drinking one bottle, I felt better and started taking Yee Gano capsule, Yee Ginkgo, Yee Yangyen and Dyna C. “Today, I have completely stopped my maintenance tablets. I am well and an active leader of Dynapharm!”