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I’m Marilou Buan Rivera from San Vicente, Tarlac. In June 2003, I felt severe pain on my chest. The following month, the pain became unbearable and, I felt something solid under my left breast. When I consulted an oncologist, I was diagnosed to have invasive duct carcinoma with an intraductal component. In short, I had cancer of the breast Stage 1 and the only option left was to undergo a mastectomy. I did not know what to do then. I went to different doctors to ask for a second opinion, but all of them suggested that I should undergo the operation.
I remembered Jerry Francisco, a herbalist who introduced me to the Dynapharm products. I took Chlorophyll with guarana, Spirulina, Soya bean powder, Yee Yang Yen, And Vitamin C for two months before my surgery.
On October 13, 2003, my left breast was removed. After a week, another biopsy was conducted and the result was negative. In spite of the negative result, my doctor insisted that I should undergo chemotherapy. But I did not go for it because I did not believe in chemotherapy.
I am still a Dynapharm lover and my body is responding positively to it. I feel energized and healthy. I thank Jehovah God who heals my sick body, and Dynapharm. I am a different person now.